27 NOVEMBER 1886, Page 22



The Art Journal, 1886. (J. S. 'Virtue and Co.)—The Art journal is, we believe, the oldest of its class of periodicals, and still holds its own against younger rivals. This year's collected numbers contain six etchings, of which three are originals,—that is, wholly the work of the artist. Of these, we like Mr. T. Slocombe's "Silvered Way" the best, though both M. Paul Rajon's " Ninette " and Mr. John Fall- wood's "Minnow Catcher" are pleasing. Of the others, we should be inclined to give the preference to Mr. C. 0. Murray's rendering of Mr. Breton Riviera's "Last Spoonful," a charming parody, so to speak, of the same painter's "Circe and the Companions of Ulysses." There are also two reproductions in fan-simile, "The Brigands of the Desert," after R. Friese, and "1814," a fine figure of Napoleon, after Meissonier. The smaller illustrations and the literary matter, with its comprehensive record of contemporary art, are up to the usual standard of the magazine.