27 NOVEMBER 1886, Page 22

Well - Worn Roads in Spain, Holland, and Italy. By F. Hopkinson

Smith. (J. C. Nimmo.)—Mr. F. H. Smith is an American artist (if he did not tell us his nationality, it would be revealed by the curious phrase, "the voice of an angel, and an English angel at that"). He tells us about experiences gained in the cause of his artistic wanderings at each places as Cordova, Amsterdam, and Venice. Amusing experiences they are, with the moral that if you want to get your way, to triumph over authorities, municipal or military, extortionate gondoliers, and all other tribes that trouble the traveller, you should take the passport of an artist's sketch-book. (Not in France, however, it would seem, where every one seems to have "German spy" on the brain.) The illustrations consist of sixteen full-page phototype plates, and some forty or fifty engravings, which appear in the body of the text. The former seem to us somewhat unequal. Three of the four Venetian pictures are very pleasing ; the fourth, "A Venetian Pottery Shop," seems lase successful. Among the Spanish pictures, we like the "Alto Archo" best. Many of the minor illustrations are charming. On the whole, this volume deserves a welcome.