27 NOVEMBER 1886, Page 23

On the Banks of the Dee. A Legend of Cheater

concerning the Fate of Harold. Preserved in the Harleian MS., British Museum. By Parnell Greene. (F. V. White and (lo.)—This story is based on the legend (which would appear not to be altogether without some show of authority) that Harold, after being left for dead on the field of Hastings, was removed to Winchester, and after two years restored

to health. The object of the tale is to excite in the general reader an interest in "the customs, manners, and habits of our Saxon ancestors." They are embodied and set forth in a very varied picture of the life of the period, and the events immediately following the Conquest ; as the subjugation of the country was then being completed, there is no lack of fighting in the book. The author is well acquainted with Anglo-Saxon life and antiquities, and gives some useful notes and references.