27 NOVEMBER 1886, Page 23

Through Trial to Triumph ; or, the Royal Way. By

Madeline Bonavia Hunt. (Cassell and Co.)—The subject of this tale is not a happy one, being the misunderstanding, from the commencement of marriage, between a husband and wife, treated, in almost BUCC0861,0 chapters, under such headings as "The First Quarrel," "Recrimina- tions," "More Misunderstanding," "Treason," "An Open Breach," while the misunderstanding is not cleared up till it is too late to amend the consequences of it. The "royal way" (front the "De Imitations ") indicates the religions element of the story ; but to carry readers through the unpleasant details of so unpleasant a theme demands a treatment more skilful and artistic than we have found in this volume.