27 NOVEMBER 1886, Page 23

Views of English.Bocietei. By a Little Girl of Eleven. (Field


Tuer.)—One would like to know the truth about the authorship. Is the "little girl" a literary fiction ? Did she write, for instanee, about

the "Sunflower League," with such rules as this ?—" If a cloak is to be worn, it is to be fastened with a heavy clasp, the more like a mediteval door-hinge the better." We do not deny the possibility; but we wonder what this young philosopher, who thinks so sensibly and writes so well about weddings, about children's parties, about the blue ribbon, will be when she grows up. Perhaps, as clever boys become sometimes dull young men, she will become frivolous. At present she is surprisingly wise, and is an admirable guide and philo- sopher for the young.