27 NOVEMBER 1909, Page 24


[Under this heading we notice such Books of the week as have not been reserved for review is other forms.] The Shorter Bible. Arranged and Edited for the Use of Schools and for Home Reading. (J. M. Dent and Sons. is. 6d. and 2s. 6d.) —The arrangement and selection are of a double character. In the first place, some books are wholly omitted. These are Leviticus, land 2 Chronicles, Song of Solomon, and all the Prophets excepting Isaiah, Daniel, Jonah, Micah, and Malachi. In the second place, omissions are made in the books retained. Practically this is what all sensible people do when they read the Bible, and it is quite reasonable that it should be done in a regular way. Perhaps this might have been carried out more thoroughly. In Psalm cxxxvii for instance, " By the waters of Babylon," we should enjoy ti reading more if we had not to repeat the curse of Edom and frightful "blessing" which concludes it. " Happy shall he be, ip taketh and 'dasheth thy little ones against the stones." /t another change is the introduction of portions of the A

These really belong to the Bible, but by an unhappy custo practically excluded.