27 NOVEMBER 1909, Page 25

The Cookery Book of Lady Clark of Tillypronie. Arranged and

Edited by Catherine Frances Frere. (A. Constable and Co. 6s. net.)—Lady Clark, amidst the various activities of her life, made the practical study of cookery a serious object. She seems to have the taste as an inheritance, for her father, Mr. Justice Coltman, was a well-known entertainer, abstemious himself, but careful to provide a well-furnished table for his guests (among these guests were not a few French émigrés, for these records go back a long time, Lady Clark having been married in 1851). As to the book itself, we must own we have to take it largely upon trust, and for this trust there are many good reasons. One of these is the dis- tinguished origin of many of the recipes. Mr. Ford, of the famous " Handbook to Spain," contributes some few Spanish dishes ; there is a recipe for ginger yeast which Miss Nightingale must often have tested ; the poet Rogers tells us how to make a " Poet's Pudding," and Lord Houghton gives directions for a mutton and

oyster pudding. Thelle are' but a few of many, tho aristocracy • of the Seek, we may say ; of the more plebeian multitude, worthy' also, we doubt not, there is no end. Perhaps a strict performanceo of duty would have imposed a personal trial of all the details: given ; but as there are not less than fifteen hundred recipes, time? not to speak of anything else, would have failed.