27 NOVEMBER 1915, Page 11

{TO THE EDITOR Of THE " EIVECTLT011:1 Sin,—Thanks to the

bold attitude taken by yourself and others, a large proportion of the more thoughtful of our population are now reading "the writing on the wall," the writing which our King, to his infinite credit, interpreted to his people many months ago. Having recognized the monster that is doing so much to prevent our winning tee war, are we going to play with him, or will our legislators personally follow the lead of their Sovereign and then decide on measures to protect the weaker ones amongst us ? Some of us fed that any man who is not prepared to give up his own glass of wine during this crisis is either too-blind or too weak to lead us safely. A black-list of those members of both Houses of Parliament who have not supported their King would be instructive. Would it be longer than a white-list of those who have P—I am, Sir, &c.,