27 NOVEMBER 1915, Page 16



am, I believe, the only survivor of the Higbelere guests who, during the early "seventies," assisted at the inauguration of the monument to Lords Falkland and Carnarvon, raised by the fourth Earl of Carnarvon on the Berkshire battleground in the seventeenth-century Parlia- mentary War. Some of those who have read with the same

interest as I have done the mottoes engraved on the little structure, and quoted by Mr. Fanehawe in his very interesting letter to you of November 20th, may care to know that the extract from Livy was suggested by Sir Robert Phillimore, father of the present Judge, that J. A. Fronde proposed the sentence from Burke, and that the happy quotation from the funeral speech of Pericles was proposed by Lord Stanhope, the historian, who died at the end of 1875, but lived long enough to give another proof of his fine classical scholarship by correcting, in proof, his friend Lord Carnarvon's version of the•Aeschylean trilogy.—I am, Sir, etc., 83 &elevate Road, Rove. T. H. S. ESCOTT,