27 NOVEMBER 1915, Page 2

Lord Derby, speaking at a meeting at the Stook Exchange

on Wednesday morning, dealt very faithfully with the accuse, tiens of Lord St. Davide against the General Staff, and also with Lord Ribbleadale's dangerous indisoretione in regard to the Dardanelles campaign. After stating that in these days we wanted all the loyalty and good work we could possibly get, but that the best work was not likely to be obtained either at the front or in the Government when men were liable to be stabbed in the back, Lord Derby went on in regard to Lord St. Davids's " accusations" :— " There was one to which I can give the lie direct—the accusa- tion against the Headquarters Staff. I have been there on many occasions myself, and I know that there is not a word of truth in what Lord St. Davids said. I will sum up his speech in a very few words—no gentleman would have said it, and no gentleman will believe it."