27 NOVEMBER 1959, Page 14


SIR,—Your correspondent, Leslie Adrian, in his column 'Behind the Screens' (November 13), implies that there is an unreasonable early mortality in TV tubes.

It is, of course, always the tubes that fail that are heard about, rather than those which go on year after year and are still working when the receiver is re- placed. Your correspondent says, 'but cathode-ray tubes seem to have a habit of giving trouble the day after the guarantee runs out.' In our experience only a few per cent. of tubes fail in the six months fol- lowing the end of their guarantee period.

We would also like to correct Mr. Adrian on an important point of fact, namely that the guarantee period for Mullard TV tubes was increased from six to twelve months in May of this year. We believe most other makes are now guaranteed for this time also.—Yours faithfully, I'. 0. WYMER Press Officer Mallard Limited. Mallard House, Torrington Place, WC1