27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 1

The elections of the 9th inst. in America have issued

in a very great victory for the Radicals. Mr. Reuter, whose tele- graph agent is clearly impressed with the advent age to one side or other,—it is not easy to say which,—of underrating to Englishmen the Radical victories for a few days, only told us that Pennsylvania had been carried by the Radicals " by a reduced majority," and that the other States,—Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, &c.,— had ' voted the Radical ticket.' In fact Pennsylvania—where the force of official patronage is said to be very strong,—did not give so high a total popular vote as at the last Congressional elections ; but it was a better diffused majority, and caused a gain of two 'additional Congressmen to the Radical party, and in the election for Governor the Radical candidate, Mr. Geary, was carried by an increased majority. In Ohio the popular majority of the Radicals is increased from under 30,000 to near 45,000, full 50 per cent. Indiana has elected eight Radicals out of her eleven Congressmen, and Iowa has elected a wholly Radical delegation to Congress. Out of sixty elections for Congress, forty-eight have been Radicals, and nowhere has the Johnson party gained a single seat. So

complete is the victory that Mr. Raymond, who for weeks did his best in the New York. Times to persuade the Republicans to accept the programme of the Philadelphia Convention, now coolly con- gratulates the Republican party on a victory " expected by every man who had watched honestly the temper and purposes of the country."