27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 1

We hear with very great pleasure that the University of

Cam- bridge, acting through a few Cambridge Dons entrusted with the electoral function, has done itself the honour of electing the Rev. F. D. Maurice, Professor of " Casuistry, Moral Philosophy, and Moral Theology " (which last strikes us as a happy ironical phrase, suggesting logically the existence of an immoral, or at least, un- moral theology, of both of which there is enough and to spare). The University could not have made a better choice. Perhaps, indeed, it is open to the criticism that Professor Maurice will be severely tempted to lecture against the supposed science of casuistry, and for a professor to disprove the existence of the sub- ject which he professes would be a scandal to the University. Even if Professor Maurice successfully resists this temptation, and dilates at length on the finer distinctions of the Jesuitical ethics, we fear it will be by way of proving that casuistry, like a post nwrtem examination, only dissects tissues that are already dead.. Weare happy to learn that this appointment will not interfere with Mr. Maurice's tenure of the Vere Street Chapel, which he still retains. In the highest sense of the word a preacher, it would have been better for the lecturer to be merged in the preacher, than the preacher lost in the lecturer.