27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

A report has been set afloat, apparently for some political

pur- pose, that the Greek Christians of Turkey intend to submit them- selves to the Pope, who, while surrendering no dogma, will allow the priests to marry, make some concession about giving the cup to the laity, and leave vestments and ritual as nearly unchanged as possible. Their faith may possibly hang very loosely on the Greeks, though that is not confirmed by their history, and the Papacy, of course, would be delighted; but we do not see what it has to offer. The Greek Church in Turkey need not look to Russia unless they like, the West will help them or refuse help without much reference to creed, and this is not the precise moment to cultivate the good feeling of Austria. There, however, is the report, and whether it is proved or disproved, the Christians, till they can expel the Turks, will have to obey Mohammedan rulers.