27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

A report has been spread about complications between Prussia and

Holland. The King of Holland. is Duke of Luxemburg, and holds that, as the Confederation is dissolved, that State belongs to him. Bismarck, on. the contrary, says it ie still German, and the Duke must enter North Germany, to which the Dutch, remember- ing the fate of Denmark, strenuously object. The Prussians therefore garrison the fortress of Luxemburg, and apply a certain pressure both to Duke and people. At present this does not go beyond hints, and any idea of menace is repudiated; but the Dutch are alarmed, for they see that if Holland itself could be persuaded or compelled to enter the new Federation, Germany would be seated on the Atlantic, and would have at once a formidable marine. They see-also that, supposing only two men to be utterly unscrupulous, France could be quieted with Belgium, while Hol- land disappeared. Their fears are probably groundless, but will help to rid them of Luxemburg.