27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

It is said, we know not haw truly, that Sir

Hugh Cairns is to

have et_ peerage with tho Lord Jastieeship,,and is promised the next reversion of the Greet Seal *MA it maybe in the power of the Conservatives to give. -Hisentecessor as Attorney-General is Mr. Bolt, an able lawyer, who hale fovea hie- way up from the position of .a proctor's cleat° the jhighest position at the Bair. As he is muelr Sir W. Boyars senior, it is not unnatural that Mr. Bolt should be passed over his head, and it is indeed asserted that this was expressly stipulated beforehand when the Solicitor-Generalship was offered tie Mr. &will. Mr. Bolt, we believe; made hie first political start as a Liberal, but has been_a consistent Caneervative during his Parliamentary career.