27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

Mr. E. Kerslake, the equity barrister, aril a man who

has a con- siderable reputation at the Bar, is going to contest Colchester in' the Conservative interest. He made a speech. there on Wednesday night which is not, we hope, a specimen of the sort of eloquence to which he intends to treat Parliament. It is very jocular and rather vulgar. He opposed manhood suffrage on the very conclu- sive ground that you could not refuse the " adult female" if you admitted the claims of the " adult male," and that if you -allowed both, then, when a young married couple came up to poll, " what would become-of tha baby ?" He also. suggested tha.t in the same event we should have female volunteers drilled in cherry-coloured tights, and " looking very nicely in them, too." Even female volunteers in cherry-coloured tights, would scarcely look at all more out of place than an equity barrister talking such. vulgar stuff as this.