27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

Sir. Morton Pete oa Monday,called .together all the Cemmittees which

had.assisted at his election, -and. addressed them in a long defence of. his conduct in. connection. with the LondoneChathaei, and Dover Railway. We. have- analyzed. this explanatienewhich seems. to us. to anise all . the, true pointe, elsewhere, -but must add here.that the meeting passed a vote of _thanks to the member for his honourable eonductr in explaining himself, and that Mr. Michael Castle, Deputy. Chairman. of the, Bristol and Exeter Railway, threw all the . blame on the lams: " If . any one told him that a railway could be .made out of . noehieee in.a strictly correct and proper manner, he would not believe it." We entirely agree with Mr.. Michael Castle, and consequently we, do_ not believe that the railways in question were ens& in. a strietiTeereectetued proper manner.