27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

The Nemesis of Slavery is working even in Holland. The

Government has always treated Java as a vast tropical estate, to be worked by forged labour for the general advantage of the State, and the -special benefit of the Royal family. The Liberals are weary of an arrangement fig foreign to, all their principles, and have carried votes against it, whereupon the King has appointed the chief of the Conservatives Governor-General of Java, and has dissolved the Chambers. The struggle at the elections will be very bitter, and will for the first time in many years involve the popularity of the House of Orange. Spain, which, keeps slaves in Cuba, is evidently on the eve of revolution, and we are assured that Brazil, now the greatest slave power in the world, is suffering terribly under the war with Paraguay, in which Lopez,

in spite of the rubbish -sent , home to. Europe from elowly winning the game.