27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

There is a dangerous amount of discontent at Lyons. The

silk manufacturers of that city have of late years confined them- selves very much to figured silks, which have gone out of fashion. Consequently, Lyons is almost starving, and, as usual in such cases, ready for insurrection. The men, it is stated, have informed the Government that they want the abolition of the tax on looms in the town, which is to be granted ; secondly, a tax on looms out of the town, which is refused ; and thirdly, the establishment of ateliers nationaux on Louis Blanc's plan, which is to be compro- mised, relief being given in some other way. The Lyonnese fight well when roused, having driven out their garrison in 1831, and they are closely affiliated with the Parisians, wherefore it is quite certain that Napoleon will relieve them somehow. He is said to contemplate a large loan for this, among other purposes, one being the reorganization of the army.