27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 2

We trust the Government: will grant theCommiseion of inquiry into

the. trade outrages at Sheffield, for which the inhabitants intend to petition. The true.state of the case in Sheffield is this. An immense majority of the workmen wish- to put down all- trade coercion involving or endangering human life. A much smaller majority, but still a majority, wish to put down all physical coer- cion whatsoever, making a refusal to work in company with a " black," his only penalty. But there are a few who still believe in terrorism, andthe dread_of them is so great that.nothiug short of a summons to give evidence on oath will release the. tongues of the remainder, opinion-in Sheffield, we are happy to. say, not re- quiring workmen to perjure themselves in the interest of the trades. If the Government will appoint a commission :consisting of a Peer, a good strong Tory member, and either Mr. Hughes or Mr. Fawcett, they will get the truth quick enough.