27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 3

Although the Bank return is favourable—the supply r of bullion held by

the establishment being 16,377,3581., and the reserve 7,659,6981.—the Directors have made no change in their rates of discount. The minimum quotation remains therefore at 4} per cent. In the open market the best bills are taken at 3/ per cent., but the more current minimum is 4 per cent. At Paris the supply of bullion held by the Bank continues to diminish, the stock being 26,314,0001.; and there is decidedly more firmness in the Money Market, the open market quotations being somewhat in excess of those current at the Bank. Yesterday, Consols left off at 89k, for money, and 89f, j, for account. The Bank of Holland has reduced its rate to 5 per cent.