27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 3

The Marquis of Salisbury has published a proposal , for the

increase of the Army, or rather of the armed force. He would have each county compelled, under Acts already existing, to con- tribute a certain quota of men in proportion to population. This quota should be divided among the Unions of the county, each of which should then pay a fixed sum for each man demanded. With this money he would raise the Militia to 200,000 men. Has it struck the Marquis that this is neither more nor less than a very cumbrous mode of adding to the Army Estimates, specially so contrived as to make the addition fall chiefly upon• the great towns? Think what the tax on Marylebone would be. It would be cheaper- and better-to increase the Reserve directly out of taxes, by adding a battalion of Militia as a reserve to every battalion of Regulars. Then on service, you have the officer* ready, and the regiments of Reserve; having numbers, names; and traditions, would have a professional pride.