27 OCTOBER 1866, Page 3

We hear with sincere pleasure from Dublin that there is

some lope of the appointment of the Dean of Emly to the vacant see of Tuam. We have very recently assailed what we believe to be a dangerous theological remark in his recent paper read before the York Congress, and in spite of the restatement of the Dean's case in a letter from a correspondent printed in another -column, we hold to our first view. But after all, the remark was of the nature of an o&iter dictum in a paper of great length and ability, and whether that were so or not, there are few theologians of any originality or power who have not said hasty and false things in the course of their lives. The Dean of .Emly's eloquence, learning, and piety would adorn any bishopric, English or Irish, and while the Irish State Church lasts, it is just as well that its bishops should be men, of wide thought and capable of wielding a great moral influence. We sincerely hope that the Dublin rumour may prove true.