27 OCTOBER 1894, Page 1

Intelligence of some importance has been received from the Far

East this week. The Mikado, in opening his Parliament on October 17th, stated distinctly that the war must proceed until he had obtained his "utmost objects," and the Chamber accepted this declaration unanimously, and granted £30,000,000 for the war, half to be raised by loan,—which it is intended, of course, that China, if defeated, should pay off. As the Chamber contains a strong Opposition, the unanimity is significant. A second expedition, moreover, has been for- warded safely, and on October 25th was reported officially to have landed near Port Arthur, and to be marching on that arsenal. If it is captured, the blow will be most severe, unless indeed the Chinese fleet now leaving Wei-hai-wei should be able to drive back or sink the Japanese war-ships. On the other hand, Marshal Yamagata only crossed the Yaloo on October 24th, and the Chinese have been able to collect very large, though probably ill-trained, forces to defend Pekin. The Chinese are clearly anxious for peace, but as yet only offer terms which the Japanese reject with contumely. The winter, it must be remembered, which is terribly severe romid the Gulf of Pechili, is advancing to the Chinese aid.