27 OCTOBER 1894, Page 2

The Social Democratic Congress sitting in Berlin is exceedingly unwise.

It is aware that the Government meditates further enactments, as well as measures to relieve distress ; yet it persists in making enemies. Herr Bebel had great difficulty in avoiding a vote intended to establish the principle that mental work, and especially journalists' work, should be paid like hand-labour; and on the 24th inst., a vote was carried by 164 votes to 64, directing all Socialists in all German representative bodies, to throw out the entire Budget, whatever its character. A Budget, said Herr Bebel, is a vote of confidence, and must be rejected. Herr Volkmar, and all the Socialist Deputies from South Germany, resisted this vote strenuously, pointing out that a Bridget might be made up of grants for the general benefit, but the majority only stormed at him. The Congress therefore has, in one week, alienated all men who live by brain-work, and so overridden all Southern Socialists that they will be unable in future to keep step with the main body. That does not look like wisdom in the party managers.