27 OCTOBER 1894, Page 23



The Two Clippers, By F. Frankfort Moore. (S.P.C.K.)—Thia is a good, strong Australian story, well written, and all compact of "action," character, and not too improbable incident. It is. no doubt somewhat remarkable that Fred Christie, the escaped convict and dreaded bushranger, should turn out to have a villainous double who commits the crimes attributed to him, and to be in reality Fred Carew, the son of Sir Reginald Carew. But this is a very trifling improbability for fiction of the kind that is supposed to be especially enjoyed by and suitable for boys ; besides, Fred Christie or Carew is really the strongest character in the story, although he finds an excellent second in Bob Campbell, who befriends him, and who is indeed as " straight " a specimen of the Australian lad as we have come across. Besides, The Two Clippers contains a sufficiency of searches for treasure, fights with cannibals, and other "moving incidents." Certainly there is not in it a single uninteresting page, and Mr. Moore% style is admirably adapted for the telling of such a story as he has here given.