27 OCTOBER 1894, Page 3

The interminable dispute over the Paris Funds, the details of

which have not been understood even by the Irish, though they have a special genius for the merits of a faction-fight, has come to an end, and the money, over ke10,000, is now in the hands of Mr. Justin McCarthy. According to the Daily Chronicle, £14,000 is to be spent in paying off certain "claims incurred by the old Parnellite party," and the rest is to be used as a fund for the evicted tenants. This fund is to be distributed by a com- mittee of three,—two Parnellites, Mr. Dillon and Mr. Devitt, and one Anti-Parnellite, Mr. Harrington. No doubt the money spent on the "Plan of Campaign" tenants will be a great relief to Mr. Dillon and Mr. O'Brien, who are regarded in Ireland as being personally responsible for the fate of the victims ; but if the evicted tenants arc as numerous as is alleged, the 225,000 available—that is the figure of the Daily Chronicle, what becomes of the odd 21,000 is not stated— will be but a palliative.