27 SEPTEMBER 1845, Page 1

The religious movement in Germany seems to keep the several

Governments in hot water. Prussia dares not let M. Ronge sleep within its domains, so terrible is even the somnolence of the schismatic to a Government whose highest principle is ortho- doxy; Saxony undergoes a Ministerial crisis, because, to mark his displeasure at the tumult in Leipzic, the King has nominated a functionary whose elevation is a triumph to the Opposition, and here and there a church is refused to the Neo-Catholics ; either in spite or in the serious belief that the want of an edi- fice will effect some salutary change in the feelings of the schis- matics. There is something very pitiful in, the policy with which the rulers of Germany attempt to encounter this new secession from the Church of Rome by a process of "snubbing."