27 SEPTEMBER 1845, Page 11


The Doncaster Gazette announces the serious illness of Earl Spencer, at his seat, Wiseton Hall, near Bawtry ; but makes a somewhat consolatory addition- " J. E. Morey, Esq., the Mayor of this borough, has been in constant attend- ance upon his Lordship during the last few days; and, with the skilful assistance of Dr. Overend of Sheffield, performed an operation, which, we are glad to learn, has relieved his Lordship from immediate danger. His Lordship's medical at!. tendants from London reached Wiseton on Wednesday evening by railway. The statement of the indisposition of the noble Earl produced a sorrowing lesling in this town and neighbourhood."

Mr. Eaton, the Member for Cambridgeshire, is so severely indisposed at his seat in that county, that the worst result is feared.

While Mr. Ramsbottom lies in danger of his life, election-mongers do not scruple to talk of candidates to succeed him in the representation of Windsor. Those mentioned are—Mr. John Walter of Bearwood; Mr. Jeremiah Pilcher' the unsuccessful of Southwark; Captain Bulkeley, of the First Life Guards; and Sir John de Beauvoir; all Conservatives, though not all Ministerialists. But it is supposed that a Government can- didate will be put forward, in the Castle" influence.