27 SEPTEMBER 1845, Page 12


Ansavsn—At Gravesend, 20th Sept. Tallentire, White ; and Columbus, Short, from Bombay ; 21st, Eliza, Patterson, from China ; and Urgent. Msrshall, from Moulmein • 22d, Simon Taylor, Brown ; and Salsette, Munro, from Calcutta ; Packet, Lash, Prowl Madras ; Brothers, Reid ; and Triad, Brown, from Ceylon; and Imaum of Muscat, Riches, from Bombay ; 23d, success, wirer] le, from Calcutta ; and Standerings. Wood- cock, from Madras ; 25th, Mayflower, Headly, from Hobart Town ; and Black Nymph. Hall, from Batavia. At Ramsgate, 23d ditto, Stewarts, Fisher, from the Cape. In the Downs, 23d ditto, Bangalore, Smith, from Ceylon ; 25th, oriental, Wilson, from China ; and William Wilson, Young, from Calcutta. At Liverpool, 19th ditto, Nemesis, —; and Tigress, Mawson, from Calcutta ; and Balfour, Overend, from Bombay ; 22d, Har- riet Scott, Fowler, from ditto ; 25th, The Duke, Bissett ; Archer, Logan; • and Mizza- pore, Hickman, from Calcutta. At the Cape, 25 July, Iantbe, Hunter' from London ; Beatty Roberson, Christie, from Liverpool ; and Brooksby, Thomson, from the Clyde. At Mauritius, previous to 22d July, Denvent, — • Charley Castle, —, and Edward Robinson, —, from London ; Cornwall, Brooks, from Falmouth ; Akbar, (riles; and Sultan, Main, from the Clyde. At Bombay, 25th July, Lady Rowena, Cleland, from London ; 26th, Commerce, Bilton, from Newcastle ; 27th, Aberfoyle, IPAlpine, from the Clyde; • 25 August, Royal Sovereign, Freyer, from London ; and 5th, Wild Irish Girl, Graham, from Liverpool. At Ceylon, 3d July, Seringapatam, Peckett, from Lon- don. 29th, Countess of Durham. M`Laren, from the Clyde. 6th Aug. Theodosia, Irving, from Liverpool ; and 14th, Britannia, Gellatly, from London. At Madras, previous to 13th Aug., Nestor, M'afeckan ; City of Poonah, Eight; Seringapatam, (redden; Jim Crow, Giere ; and Robert Small, Williams, from London ; and Welcome, Broad- foot, from the Clyde. At Calcutta, previous to 5th Aug., Orlando, Cockerell ; Poictiers, Denny ; Mischief, Smith; Edmundsbury, Stuart ; &Indian, Terry; and Helen Mary, Winn; from London; Thomas Lee, James ; and J. Harnett, Newby, from Liverpool ; and Cheshire, King, from the Clyde. At Singapore, 21st June, Dryad, Hansen, from Liverpool ; 26th, Macedon, Redknap, from London. 5th July, Avoca, Howey, from Newport. 8th, Helvellyn, Tullige, from Ditto ; and Witham and James, Brown, from Liverpool. At China, 27th May, Buenos Ayrean, —, from Liverpool; 4th June, John Horton, —, from Ditto ; and 9th Ann Bridsen, —, from Ditto,

Sxu.sn--From Gravesend, 235 Sept., Wm. Gilles, Clark, for Bombay ; and 24th. Persia, Stevens, for Ceylon. From Liverpool, 201h, Leonard Dobbin, James, for Bom- bay; 22d, Henry Walker, Cameron ; for Ditto ; and 235 Esmeralda, Tollens, for China. From the Clyde, 21st, Deogamn, Leitch, for Calcutta ; and 23d, Helen, Oliphant, for Ceylon.

The Hyderabad, Robertson ; and the Coringa Packet, Chilcott ; both from Sydney, New South Wales, and bound to India, were wrecked in May last, near Torres straits ; crews and passengers saved.