27 SEPTEMBER 1845, Page 12



The English Funds have been heavy during the whole week, and close nearly at the lowest quotation. The price of Consols for account had been as low as 981, while for money it has declined to 94. The business has not been important, and no remarkable transactions have taken place. One or two large speculative sales have occurred, and there appears to be a disposition among speculators to operate for the fall. Money still continues very abundant, the rate of discount being between 2 and 3 per cent.

_ The business in the Foreign Funds has not been more extensive than usual, and has been chiefly confined to Portuguese Bonds; the depression in which con- tinued, until the Four per Cents were clone as low as 57 and the Three per Cents about 58: but some purchases since have given firmness to the market, which is - today about 2 per cent above the lowest prices. The failure of the corn and po- - tato crops in Holland, and the measures taken to supply the anticipated scarcity, caused quite a panic in the various exchanges of that emporium of stockjobbing. The Bank of Amsterdam raised its rate of discount, and the consequence has been a depression in the prices of all descriptions of Stock. This has been but little felt here, because the transactions in Foreign Bonds have been very limited: our market has been almost entirely cleared of Foreign Stocks by foreign pur- chases. The cessation of Dutch purchases was severely felt by the Portuguese market, the decline of prices in which we have already noticed; and the improved appearance may be considered as consequent upon a slight revival of confidence in Holland.

The Railway Share business has been on an unusually contracted scale; the indisposition to extensive business becoming general, and both brokers and jobbers limiting their transactions, in consequence of a general belief that a pecuniary crisis is not far distant. The heavier description of Shares are mostlydeclining; and although in some instances extraordinary premiums are realized for some of the new lines, the market is flat. To the production of new schemes, however, there is no end.

There appears to be a lull in the speculative mania in France. The Shares of the Great Northern line have been bought extensively here on French account: some time ago the price was as high as 141 premium, but it has been and is now as low as 114. During the range of the higher quotations, much activity was given to the markets for the Shares of Rosamel, Lafitte, Le Brea, and Pe- pin le Halleur, the constituents of the amalgamated Company. With the de- pression of the latter, the others have fallen, and the transactions in them for the last few days have been unimportant. The impulse given last week to the shares of the Dutch Rhenish Railway has been continued, and the quotation has advanced about 10s. per share: it is understood that the Directors have succeeded in disposing of the Whole of the Shares, thus realizing a splendid profit.

By the over-land mail, intelligence was received of the favour with which the project for an East Indian Railway had been welcomed in India; audit is stated (though we cannot vouch the fact) that the Shares had been as high as 4:1. pre- mium. Many purchases had within the last few days been made, in expectation of the effect tohe produced by the advices from India, and the Shares had im- proved about 10s. The actual receipt of the intelligence caused another improve- ment to nearly the same extent, and the price reached 11 premium, but has since receded to 14.


The transactions either in Stocks or Shares have been, as yet, unimportant, and no material change in either has occurred. In the Foreign Share Market, Dutch Rhenish continue to i

advance' and have been largely purchased at 74 prem., for the middle of October. East Indian Shares are also n demand. We can as yet only quote the following bargains as occurring :—Eastern Counties, 21; Leicester and Tamworth, 44.


The English Funds close more heavily than in the morning; the price for money being 981, and for Account 981 4. There has been no change or business of im- portance in the Foreign Funds. The transactions in Railway Shares have been of a very general character; as will be seen by the accompanying list of bargains that have occurred since the morning. With few exceptions, the prices are lower. The Foreign are heavy, with the exception of Dutch Rhenish. Aberdeen, 444; .Armagh,Portrush, and Coleraine, 21; Birmingham Extension 24k; Birmingham and Oxford Junction, 11 4; Caledonian, 141 13/ 4; Ditto, Extension, 44; Cam- bridge bridge and Lincoln, 544 44; Ditto, New, 41 51; Chelmsford and Bury, 244; Cornwall, 31; Direct Manchester, (Remington's,) 41 1; Direct Northern, 321; Dundalk and Enniskillen, 21 4 3; Eastern Counties, 214; Eastern Counties, New, 74 4; Eastern Union, Extension 4; East Lincolnshire, 61; Edinburgh and Glasgow, 751; Edinburgh and Glasgow, Half-shares, 19; Ely and Bedford, 41; Opole and Doncaster, 61; Grand Union, 41, A; Oriat Southern and Western, (Ireland,) 251; Ditto, Extension, 13 121; Great North of England, 215; Ditto, New, (Si.(51. paid) 52; Ditto, (21. paid,) 21.; Great Western, 1614; Ditto, 4, 92; Birmingham 222 18; Blackwell, 9; Brighton, 734; South-western, 78 1; London and York, 64 1; Lynn and Ely, 7; Manchester and Leeds, Half- shares, 99; Manchester and Birmingham, 87/ 8; Midland, 1681, 168, 169; Newcastle and Darlington, 201 194; North Kent and Dover, Direct, 444; North Staffordshire, 4434 prem.; Richmond, 114 1; Rugby and Huntingdon, 31; Scot- tish Central, 101 111; Ditto, Midland, 44 4 1; South-eastern and Dover, 424, 3, 1; Teen and Dove Valley, 31; Trent Valley, 19; Ditto, and Holyhead Junction, 3; Warwick and Cheltenham, 344; Welsh Midland, 44; Dutch Rhenish, 124 111; East Indian, 24 4; Great North of France, (Rcsamel's,) 31; Great Western of Bengal, 01 prem.; Great Luxemburg, 24; Orleans, Tours, and Bourdeaux, 134; Paris and Lyons, (Lafitte's,) 24; Ditto, (Ganneron's,) 31; Ditto, (Calons,) 24; Royal North of Spain, 21; West Flanders, 74.

3 per Cent Consols ... • Ditto for Account 3 per Cent Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock for Account 981 9814 shut shut shut shut Columbian ex Venezuela. • • 18 I Danish 3 per Cents 89 91 Dutch 21 per Cents 60 1 Ditto 4 per Cents 971 81 Mexican 5 per Cents 321 Ditto Deferred 17* Exchequer Bills prem. 46 8 Portuguese New 5p. Cts.1841 59* 60* India Stock

Ditto 4 per Cents 1845 59* 60 Brazilian 5 per Cents

99 91 Russian 5 per Cents 114 15 Belgian 4* per Cents

100 Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents 27 * Chilian 6 per Cents

100 2 Ditto 3 Cents 1842 381