27 SEPTEMBER 1845, Page 2

Quiet Sir Henry Hardinge puzzles the political speculators in India.

He pursues his educational reforms with industry ; and the Morning Chronicle attacks him for reversing that belligerent policy which a noble editor as sharply attacked in Lord Ellen- borough. At the date of the last advices, however, Sir Henry was about to set out for the North-western provinces; a pontoon- bridge had been ordered to Ferozepore ; the Punjaub was still in a state of anarchy : and, putting together these things—the op- portunity for intervention, the advent of the Governor-General, and the pontoon-bridge—the quidnuncs begin to smell war, and to suspect that Sir Henry Hardinge is after all a smouldering Ellenborough. "Est modus in rebus " : British India no doubt is doomed to continued increment ; but there are many degrees between a Dominie Sampson and an Ellenborough ; and Sir Henry Hardinge has yet given no sufficient sign to fix his position in the scale.