27 SEPTEMBER 1930, Page 1

Lord Rothermere and Herr Hitler

Lord Rothermere, who is visiting Munich, the cradle of German Fascism, contributed a (lathing article to the Daily Mail of Wednesday in which he announced that Herr Hitler's success at the General Election had opened a "new era" for Germany. The youth of Germany, he says, is rising up to assert its will.

"With the same vigour as they have developed their bodies by physical culture, with the same energy as they worked long hours at factory, office, or farm, these young Germans have organized themselves to take an active part in their country's affairs. They have discovered, as, I am glad to know, the young nien and women of England are discovering, that it is no good trusting to the old politi- cians. Accordingly they have formed, as I should like to see our British youth form, a Parliamentary party of their own.'

Lord Rothermere goes - on to say that the future of Germany lies in the hands of Herr Hitler, and he advises his countrymen to recognize the " many advantages " which German Fascism offers to Europe. " It sets up an additional rampart against Bolshevism." He notes that Herr Hitler is leading German youth against Communism, and he remarks that he himself founded the United Empire Party in England " with some such

purpose." . * * * *