27 SEPTEMBER 1930, Page 1

News of the Week

Germany and the Nazis rIENERAL VON HINDENBURG, the President of "- the German Republic, has come down stoutly on the side of Dr. Bruning's Government, which has declared its intention of carrying ,on, that is to say, of appearing before the -Reichstag with its projected programme and of guarding the Constitution against attack. This was, of course, generally expected of the President, whoie character for steadiness is well known. The President agrees with the Government that in spite of wild talk — much wilder, by the way, outside than inside Germany —there is no danger whatever of a Putsch. On Tuesday the German Cabinet considered its proposals for social reform and decided appreciably to increase the contri- butions for Unemployment Insurance. The Times correspondent says that there will be an increase of from four and a half per cent. to six- per cent: Or even six and a- half per cent.. Hg adds that the Government's provision for Unemployment. Insurance has increased the eirtmatecl deficit in the Budget from £15,000,000 to £25,000,000. It seems a bold move to jeopardize the. Budget in the cause of social reform at a time of deep economic depression, but it must be remembered that Dr. Bruning will probably have to rely upon the assistance of the Socialists. It is discreet to attract them by enough ground-bait.