27 SEPTEMBER 1930, Page 1

The latter part of Lord Rothermere's article contains better sense.

It warns Englishmen of the danger of failing to get Europe disarmed in aCcordance with the pledge to Germany and to satisfy the national minorities that the League is really looking after their interests. This would ...have been said with more' force ir • Lord Rothermere had -been politer to the league as an

institution. His vision of Germany as again the most powerful country on the Continent with willing helpers all round her because these would be prospective beneficiaries from a disturbance of the status quo, conveys an apt warning. But Lord Rothermere gives such a respectful Nazi salute to the methods of the " new era " that we cannot help wondering what thoughts would pass through the brain of the proprietor of the Daily Mail if the German Emperor was brought back under the patronage of Herr Hitler, Director and Adviser-in-General of German Youth.

* * * *