27 SEPTEMBER 1930, Page 18


Aw Ianrsourrtorr COMPLEX.

A thought that might be worth communicating flashed through my mind this morning. It was occasioned by the following incident : Upon rising I stepped into the bathroom to turn on the water, but the tap would not respond. I rang for the valet, who threw up his hands saying, It's the same way all over the house, but we have sent for the plumber. We have tried and tried, but we ourselves can do nothing. We are simply helpless, extremely sorry." Does not this fairly depict the present world condition ? The mechanism got out of gear, and our statesmen don't know how to set it right. By dint of tradition and routine they know how to keep a machine going, but are at their wits' ends to deal with an organic disarrangement. The crisis is more of a political. internationally political, than of an economic nature. And the pity is that our leaders, through a continued reluctance to face the hard facts, instead of toying with formulas and pious phrases, have contracted an irresolution complex.-.- EADRIRL Wrars, Carlton Mansion, 14 Pail Mall, S.W. 1.