27 SEPTEMBER 1930, Page 26

General Knowledge Questions

Orn weekly prize of one guinea for the best thirteen Questions submitted is awarded this week to the Ven. Hugh Bright, Arch- :deacon of Stafford, The Close, Lichfield, for the following

Questions on Cathedrals

I. What constitutes a cathedral ?

2. Which are the cathedrals of the Old Foundations ? What is their special characteristic ?

3. What is the meaning of the title " Prebendary " ? 4. Whence did the English cathedrals derive their statutes?

5. What is a Chapter House ? What is the meaning of "The Chapter " applied to the cathedral body ? 6. Who are the " dignities " of the Chapter ?

7. What architect lies buried in the cathedral he built ? What Latin quotation is inscribed in the Cathedral to his memory ?

8. is the longest cathe;dral in England ?

5. Whirl, ,athedral has th,S largest amount of old English painted glass ?

10. Who transformed the Norman nave of his cathedral into perpendicular ? I L Which cathedral has a College of Cardinals ?

12. What is the meaning of " conga drelire " ?

13. What are the dedications of the Cathedrals of Canterbury, London, York, and Lichfield ?

. Answers will be found on page 425..