27 SEPTEMBER 2003, Page 39

A job that stinks

From Ralph Cutting Sir: How about this for Job of the Year? Lothian and Edinburgh Environmental Partnership (LEEP) advertised the following vacancy (Opportunities — the Public Sector Recruitment and Career Development Weekly, 27 June): Real Nappy Project Development Officer, II 9,632—f21,732 pro rata. LEEP describes itself as an environmental charity and part of the Edinburgh Real Nappy Network.

Therefore, should you be one of those sad hopefuls who purchase your Lottery tickets twice a week, you can rest assured that as well as not having a chance on this side of Armageddon of winning the jackpot, your money is being put to good use on such absurd projects, courtesy of the Lot

tety-Funded New Opportunities Fund. In one specific instance, you could be quite literally the nanny state. More particularly, your money will ensure that the wee wailing bairns of Edinburgh will not be pooping in disposable nappies, but will be wearing the real McCoy. Doubtless the skylines of Edinburgh will be transformed, as the washing lines of this city on Arthur's Seat will be like a gigantic ship with little white pennants fluttering from the halyards. Among the skills needed are 'sound knowledge and enthusiasm for the use of real nappies'.

Get your drawing pins out (and put a clothes peg on your nose), because among the responsibilities of this 24to 35-hours-aweek post will be 'facilitating training workshops'. If you are one of those who like to share the credit with your colleagues rather than hog the glory, you can be reassured by the last line: 'Job share considered'.

Ralph Cutting

London WC1