27 SEPTEMBER 2003, Page 40

Young fogeys are flourishing

From Peter Williams Sir: Harry Mount is wrong to mourn the passing of the young fogeys (`The Young Fogey: an elegy', 13 September). We are very much alive, but far too reserved to make too much of a fuss about our dissent from modern tastes and attitudes.

I, for example, am 'coolly religious' (Roman Catholic), dislike modern architecture (but love Baroque and Gothic), prefer traditional liturgy, despair at my own generation's lack of care over proper speaking and writing (as regards grammar, punctuation and, sadder still, spelling). I enjoy walking and travelling by train, and prefer the Daily Telegraph (despite its recent tiresome, libertarian outlook) to the watered-down Times. In addition, I prefer traditional, Christian sexual mores (as opposed to the social libertinism that your 'lost my virginity at age 12' associate editor routinely likes to defend), women who are ladylike, good suits, and drink wine rather than beer. Oh, and I vote Tory. And read The Spectator. I am 19.

Peter Williams

Watford, Hertfordshire