28 APRIL 1860, Page 20


On the 18th of April, at Woodeaton, the Countess of Verulam, of a son.

On the 19th, the Hon. Mrs. Beauchamp, of a son. On the 19th, at Patshull, the Countess of Dartmouth, of a son, stillborn.

On the 21st, at Arklow House, Connaught Place, Lady Mildred Beresford Hope, prematurely, of a daughter, who only survived a short time. On the 25th, at 7, Hamilton Place, the Wife of the Hon. and Rev. Francis Byng,

of a son.


On the 19th of April. at Melksham Church, the Hon. Henry George Roper Cur- zon, only son of Lord Teynham, to Harriet Anne Lovell, youngest surviving daughter of the late Rev. Thomas Heathcote, of Shaw Hill, Wilts.

On the 21st, at St. John's, Paddington, Archibald Gordon, Esq., M.D., C.B., Deputy Inspector-General of Hospitals, to Mary Preston, second daughter of the late William Belton Crealock, Esq., of Stanhope Place, Hyde Park.

On the 23d, by special licence, at St. Mary's Church, Bryanston Square, Lieu- tenant-Colonel Lord Adolphus Vane Tempest, M.P., to the Lady Susan Pelham Clinton, only daughter of his Grace the Duke of Newcastle. On the 24th, at St. James's, Piccadilly, by the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Lich- field, the Rev. John IL Errington, M.A., Vicar of Ashburne, Derbyshire, to Char- lotte Georgians Amelia, only daughter of Sir Francis Shuckburg,h, Bart., of Shuck- burgh, Warwickshire. On the 24th, at St. George's, Hanover Square, by the Right Rev, the Lord Bishop of Chichester, the Rev. William Vincent, to Lady Margaret Erskine, youngest daughter of the late Earl of Buchan. On the 24th, at St. Peter's Church, Eaton Square, Charles Elphinstone Dalryni- pie, Esq., fourth son of the late Sir Robert Dalrymple Horn Elphinstone, Bart., of Horn and Logie-Elphinstone, to Christian, eldest daughter of the late William Cuming Skene Gordon, Esq., of Pitlurg, and Parkhill, Aberdeenshire. On the 24th, at Bovey Tracey, Devon, George F. Carlyon, Simmons, Esq., of the East Kent Regiment of Militia, and of Trevella House, Cornwall, to Elizabeth Caroline Eliott Manning, youngest daughter of the late Major Manning, Bengal Army, and only child of Lady Farrington.


On the 15th of March, whilst on the march from Belgaum to Poonah, Captain Fox Mauls Ramsay, H.M. Fifty-Sixth Regiment, aged thirty-six, son of the late Sir Alexander Ramsay, of Balmain, Bart., in the county of Kincardine. On the 13th, at Lowesby Hall, Leicestershire, of scarlet fever, Mary Elizabeth Audrey, eldest child of Sir Fred. Fowke, aged nine years. On the 15th, at Warsop Rectory, Nottinghamshire, the Rev. Alleyne Fitz- Herbert, third son of the late Sir Henry FitzHerbert, Bart., aged forty-four years.

On the 16th, at Woodsley House, Leeds, the residence of his brother-in-law, Sir Peter Fairbairn, Lieutenant-Colonel John James Brandling, 11.A., aged thirty- nine.

On the 19th, Lieutenant-Colonel C. A. Kitson, aged forty-six, late Tenth Bengal Cavalry, of Werescote, Wellington, Somerset. On the 20th, at 30, Norfolk Street, Lady Kerrison, widow of Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Kerrison, Bart., in the seventy-fifth year of her age. Qn the 21st, Lady Murray, wife of Sir Robert Murray. of Ardeley Bury, Bert., Bart.

• On the 22d, at his lodgings in Pall Mall, Lieutenant-General John Home Home, of Bassendean, Berwickshire, Colonel of H.51.'s Fifty-Sixth Regiment, aged sixty- three.

On the 23d, at 14, Gloucester Square, Hyde Park, Lieutenant-General Edward Fleming, C.B., Colonel Twenty-Seventh Regiment (Enniskillens). Died at Colinton Maure, N.B. on the 24th instant, the Rev. Lewis Balfour, D.D., in the Sid year alibi age, and the 54th of his ministry. Friends are requested to accept of this intimation.