28 APRIL 1860, Page 7


The 78th Highlanders were entertained at a dinner by the good folks of Edinburgh in the Corn Exchange on Tuesday, They are Scotehmen ; they come from India; that is the key to the sympathy felt for these gallant men. The room was splendidly and aDprepriately decorated, by the aid of the Secretary at Wei and the Deice of Atholl, the Duke of Bucclench, and other Sootehmen. Military and hunting trophies hung around, admirably displayed by the light of gas. Among the titles of honour, " Lucknew' held a high place, and with it the names of the villages made familiar to English ears by the victories of Havelock and Clyde. The soldiers, 600 in number, occupied the centre of the room; around were civilians and volunteers, in the galleries were ladies, among them the mother of Sir James Outram, sae in a gallery were the military officers of various regiments. After dinar, speeches were made by the Lord Provost, Vice-Admiral Hope Johnstone, Lord Melville, Lieutenant Colonel Ewart, and others.