28 APRIL 1860, Page 9


The Legislatures of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick have adopted addresses to her Majesty, soliciting the honour of a visit from the Prince of Wales after completing his visit to Canada.—Canadian News.

Lord Elgin and Baron Gros set out on their journey. to China on Thurs- day. They were to meet at Marseilles, and sail forthwith.

Earl Cowley left London for Dover, immediately. after the debate in the House of Lords on Monday, travelling by special train, and embarked in the steamer for Paris via Boulogne the next morning.

The King of Saxony has paid a visit to Berlin, the guest of the King and Queen of Prussia. his Queen is the sister of the Queen of Prussia.

Count de Persigny has disproved the reports of the quid nuns by return- ing to London.

A St. Petersburg letter states that the Grand Duke Nicholas, the Emperor's brother, who is now at Nice with the Empress Dowager will shortly proceed to Paris on a visit to the Emperor Napoleon, whilst the Em- press will proceed to Suttgardt, and thence to Ems.

The Italian princes appear inclined to fix their residences on the banks of the Lake of Constance. The Grand Duke Leopold has chosen the villa Leuehtenberg ; his son, the Grand Duke Ferdinand' is to inhabit the villa Am- sea, belonging to Prince Leopold, of Bavaria ; and the Duchess of Parma has rented a residence at Kreuzlingen, near Constance. The Duke of Modena is making preparations to leave Vienna for Hungary, where he possesses con- siderable property.

M. Pietri, who has conducted the elections of Savoy and Nice, is ordered home to Paris immediately.

The nation has just lost a valuable public servant in the person of the late Mr. Andrew Amos, of St.Ibbs, near Hitchin, Herta, the Downing Professor of Common Law in the University of Cambridge, who died a few days since at Cambridge, at the age of sixty-six.

Mrs. Gore, the novelist, who for some time past has been afflicted with blindness, has just undergone an operation which, it is hoped, will even- tually restore her to sight.

The Gazette of Tuesday contained the official announcement of the appointment of Sir George Russell Clerk, to be Governor of the Presi- dency of Bombay.

During the night of the 19th, Mr. G. P. R. James, the well-known novelist, had an attack of paralysis at Venice, where he is Consul-General.

The Nord has announced the death of M. de Rrouckere, who has been burgomaster of Brussels since 1848, and representative of the city in the Legislative Chamber. The deceased was singularly popular as one of the liberal chiefs ; and ;his death has produced, says the Hord, "a feeling of consternation throughout the capital."

The Royal Academy has voted the sum of 501. in aid of the Female School of Art, in Gower Street. "This act," observes the Atleeneeum, " is not only valuable to the Gower Street Institution, on account of its generosity, but also on account of its example. Government has withdrawn from this school its small grant in aid. The school must, therefore, for the present, work on its own resources, or not at all. Among the prompt and munificent friends of a very useful institution we are glad to mark the members of the Royal Academy.

The Emperor of Austria has sent 200 gold ducats (2370 francs) for the subscription in favour of Neemi Troche, great-grand-daughter of Racine.

" A decision has just been come to," says the Nord, " that no officer on the list of the Belgian army shall obtain from the Government such a leave of absence as would allow his taking service abniad, even in a temporary manner. To the applications made, the War Department returns the fol- lowing answer:—' If the officers who are desirous of proceeding to Italy, to place themselves under the orders of General de Lamoriciere, persist is their intentions, it only remains for them to tender to the King the resigna- tion of the rank they hold in Belgium.' "

A few days ago the Croatian peasants around Agram presented a mag- nificent " bouquet" to the Countess Antonia Batthyany, the widow of the nobleman who was Hungarian Minister-President in 1848.

The satirical journal of Turin, called the Campanile, was condemned on the 20th to two months' imprisonment and a fine of 300fr., for having pub- lished disrespectful articles against the Emperor of the French.

The Registrartienetars extern shows that, although the number of deaths last week, 1284, Was less than that of the preceding week, 1407, there were still 104 deaths in excess of the calculated average. The temperature was higher, but it was still low.

The Tribunal Criminal and Civil of Bologna has acquitted Father Feletti, of the Order of St. Dominick, Inquieitor of the Holy Office at Bologna, charged with having carried off by force the child of the Jewish couple, Mortara. The Reverend Father, in answer to the eharee represented that

in " sequestrating" the child , '(so he designated the abduction) he had only obeyed the orders of the Supreme Holy Office at Rome, whose agent he was, and could not, therefore, be held personally responsible.