28 APRIL 1866, Page 1

Mr. Gregory, in the course of a clever speech against

the Re- form Bill yesterday week—both the Liberal members for Galway County are conspicuous Troglodytes—by way of returning Mr. Bright's compliment as to the new party whose head was as diffi- cult to distinguish from its tail as a Skye terrier's, applied to the belligerent reformer one of Dr. John Brown's admirable stories, told in Rab and His Friends, of a dog which was noticed as having a very downcast and melancholy air thus explained by his master —" Hech Sir, life is full of seriousness to him ; he can never get enoo' of fighting." The speech was anecdotical all through, and could scarcely be called an argument, though it was more amusing. Mr. Gregory quoted Swedenborg's belief that in heaven married people are melted into a single angel, and said he feared there was a prevalent creed that even here on earth all the members below the gangway ought to be melted and fused into one honourable member for Birmingham. In that case we sup- pose the fighting would go on within instead of without, and a more terrible case of possession we should find it hard to imagine.