28 APRIL 1866, Page 1

Since the report of the Nottingham Committee the Liberals have

lost by bribery two seats for Lancaster and two seats for New Windsor, while the Conservatives have regained the seat for Cambridge by the election of a Conservative in Mr. Forsyth's place, and lost one for Northallerton. This makes the account, we think, a loss of nine seats for the Liberals to two for the Conserva- tives, through the election committees that have as yet reported. We regret to see that the Liberal papers always compassionate the Liberal members unseated for the bribery of their agents. Of course this is fair enough in the very few cases where it can be supposed that the bribery was really against their wish. For the most part this is not probable. And it is clearly far more the duty of Liberals to condemn in Liberals this grossest of all offences against true Liberalism, than to condemn it in Conservatives who do not profess to value equally the suffrages of the poor.