28 APRIL 1866, Page 1

The Nottingham Committee have sent in a very severe report,

declaring both Sir Robert Clifton and Mr. Morley guilty, the first of undue influence, and the second of bribery, and therefore dis- qualified during this Parliament. They reported also that exces- sive numbers were employed on behalf of Messrs. Paget and Morley as messengers, &c., and that men armed with sticks " per- petrated outrages" on behalf of Sir Robert Clifton, Nit that direct bribery did not prevail extensively. It was thought that a motion might be made to suspend the franchise of Nottingham, but we see that two candidates have already offered themselves, and that one of them is Lord Amberley. The House sets a dangerous prece-

dent in letting off a borough guilty of rioting simply because it is so large, for it is in large boroughs only that the physical intimi- dation of voters is possible.