28 APRIL 1866, Page 2

Mr. Walpoleas speech on Monday was somewhat over solemn, but

closely reasoned, and with much of that eloquence of character which tells so heavily in the House. He agreed that pledges ought to -be 'kept, but held that although the Rouse was pledged to Deform, it was not pledged to accept the first measure offered, still less half a measure, one which abandoned the link now exist- ing between 'taxation and representation. He explained that he had resisted Lord Derby's Bill on the distinct ground that it did away with the distinction between borough and county franchise, the borough claim resting on temporary occupancy, the county on property and tenure. An 81. franchise in boroughs would still 'keep up the connection -with taxation, because above that point the landlord seldom compounded for the rates. He objected altogether to a reference of Reform to the Privy Councilss abne- gating one of the functions of the House of -Commons, but would rowed by resolution. Mr. -Gladstone always declined very wisely 'to produce his Budget in bits, and neither ought he to produce iu bits a measure affecting the Rouse of 'Commons—" the controlling power in the State," almost " the motive power of the State."