28 APRIL 1866, Page 2

The Cannon-Street murder is not yet much more clear. The

woman .a few doors off 'who saw Smith coma out of the house just at the time of the =ulna singled him out from four- teen others, and adheres steadily to her statement. Terry the pauper also confirms the story that he sent Smith alias Denton to obtain money from Mrs. Millson, adding that Smith when he got it cheated him. It seems probable, moreover, that the murderer was 'taken upstairs and supplied with victuals, and that the murder was committed after Mrs. Millson had shown him down again, and no attempt 'has been yet made to prove that Smith was notnear the scene. On the other hand, Dr. Letheby has shown that the stains on Smith's coat supposed to be blood were not blood, and no 'motive has been suggested for the crime. The police early in the week seemed to have found a clue, a letter with a cheque in it having been found missing from the letter-box, but four other letters were untouched, and the thief could hardly have pitched upon the right one. There seems a strong moral proba- bility that Smith really visited Mrs. Millson on the evening in question, but the possibility that a thief concealed in the house committed the murder after Smith's departure is not as yet disproved.