28 APRIL 1866, Page 2

The President of the United States hats, we are happy

to per- ceive, sent an armed vessel to watch the Canadian fisheries. There is more danger at •that point than at any spot in the British Empire. Under the Reciprocity Treaty the New England fisher- men fished where they liked, but that treaty ending they must not fish within three miles of the Canadian shore, or, as the colonists think, within the Bay of Fundy at all. The Americana, however, deny our right to stretch a line from headland to headland, and insist on fishing in the Bay up to the three-mile limit. The fishermen on both sides are very intractable on 'the subject, and each Govern- ment therefore has sent an armed vessel, in order that the dispute may be in the hands of responsible officers. The American fishing under the treaty did no harm, and nobody wants to fight about a few shiploads of cod, but still if the colonists are in the right they must be, protected.