28 APRIL 1866, Page 21

The Song - Book. Words and tunes by the best poets and

musicians. Selected and arranged by John Math. (Macmillan.)—This charming little volume contains the majority of the best and most popular songs by deceased poets and musicians, English, Irish, Scotch, and Welsh. Mr. Hallah has been guided in the selection by two principle; first, aptness in note; and secondly, aptness in words. The tunes are given without accompaniments, partly from want of space, but principally because "the tune is the only original part of the music of a national song, the addition even of a bass having been generally made by a later hand, not always guided by a sympathetic spirit." The collection seems to embrace most of the established song; from King Harry's "Pastime with Good Company" to "Auld Robin Gray," the original tune of which is here given, and "Though the Last Glimpse of Erin," of which Mr. Hullah says that "no tune has suffered from Moore's handling more severely and unaccountably than this ;" and though largely indebted to Mr. Chappell's " Popular Music of the Olden Time," contains some melodies not to be found in that excellent work. We should think that most people, musical or otherwise, would be pleased to have this little volume of old songs and tunes, carefully annotated as it is by Mr. Mullah, and neatly turned out by the publishers.